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Bobby Orr Endorses President Donald Trump



In a bombshell story, one of the game’s best in Robert “Bobby” Orr, has announced his public endorsement of United States President Donald Trump. Here is what Orr wrote to the New Hampshire Union Leader:

“Everyone has an opinion as our upcoming Presidential election approaches, and I am no different. When I look at America during these turbulent times, I keep trying to separate style from substance, fact from fiction. This much I know. Our current president has had to operate under extremely difficult conditions over the past several years. In addition, no leader anywhere signed up with the idea that dealing with a worldwide pandemic would be part of their mandate. The attacks on our President have been unrelenting since the day he took office. Despite that, President Trump has delivered for all the American people, regardless of race, gender, or station in life.
That’s the kind of teammate I want.
Perhaps you do not like his tweets or how the President says things sometimes, and that is your right. But remember this is not a personality contest; it’s about policies and the people those policies assist.
I have never done anything like this before, but I am greatly concerned for the country in which I have raised my family – a country I have grown to love deeply. I want my grandchildren to know the America I know, a place of patriotism and opportunity.
Some of you may still be undecided at this point. Your vote for President Trump would help keep America moving forward in the years ahead.
So please, join Peggy and me in supporting President Donald J. Trump for re-election in this important election.”
Orr takes out a page in the NH Union Leader to endorse President Donald J. Trump.
Bobby now joins golfing legend Jack Nicklaus and NFL HOF QB Brett Favre in recent celebrities to endorse the President. Lil Wayne loves him some Trump too.
This is not something most people probably saw coming. Bobby has always been a soft-spoken guy, and he has (for the most part) kept his name out of any drama for his entire career. However, a lot of people are taking severe displeasure to this announcement.
Personally, I think all of the outrage is total bullshit. Bobby has been one of the game’s biggest ambassadors ever since he touched the ice and is legitimately one of the least problematic people on this planet. If you have it in you to get so upset about what someone else believes where you verbally assault him like some people are doing, I am certain you live a very sad life. This is not me agreeing nor disagreeing with Bobby Orr or President Trump, but I do have to call it how I see it. I feel poorly for Bobby Orr after giving so much back to the city and raising his family here, that he now has to be met with such hostility over the path he wants his country to go down. I fully support Bobby’s right to express his political views, as well as anyone else. I don’t support anyone who thinks it is okay to attack someone over their political beliefs, and Bobby might be the guy who deserves to be attacked the least out of anyone.
And I hate to break it to you, but if you have a problem with the previous paragraph, you are a part of the problem regardless of your affiliation.
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