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I Love To See Assholes Like Tyler Bertuzzi Get Paid

Tyler Bertuzzi is a force to be reckoned with on the ice and toes the line but manages not to cross it completely unlike his uncle Todd. Bertuzzi’s ferocity got him a nice payday of 3.5 million AAV for next season from arbitration. The six-foot-one 199lb 25-year-old forward had 21 goals, 27 assists, and 48 points in 71 games. The left-wing is not just a goon but a critical part of Detroit’s hockey club.

I love to see tough hockey players that can be assholes like Tyler Bertuzzi get paid. People outside of Detroit do not like Bertuzzi because he’ll take your mom’s favorite player’s lunch money and go bar-down on your goaltender. However, I love the physical play and toughness of Bertuzzi. He’s a nightmare to play against because he lives underneath the skin of opposing players. Does Bertuzzi cross the line sometimes? Absolutely! Sucker punching Matt Calvert was stupid but Calvert speared him and Bertuzzi just doesn’t give a fuck. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

To all those that try to discredit Bertuzzi’s goal scoring abilities and his impact on the game go cry while Bertuzzi goes and cashes his fat checks. True hockey fans know we need more Tyler Bertuzzi’s and some old-time hockey. Bertuzzi will die for his teammates and he’ll make sure to take a few guys from the opposing team with him if he does. Detroit fans how do you feel about the deal? Let us know. If you don’t like this blog show it to your dad he will.

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