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Number 10 of Jack’s Favorite NHL Scumbags: Ryan Reaves

Ryan Reaves comes last on my list as I would not necessarily describe him as a scumbag but he has a tendency to throw some questionable hits. Much like the hit he was suspended for against Vancouver these playoffs when he was suspended for one game. The suspension came after a brutal headshot to Canucks forward Tyler Motte.

The other suspension Ryan Reaves was served in his NHL career is what gets him on this list for two reasons. The first being it was a scumbag move and absolute cheapshot blindside hit on Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson. Secondly, that’s what I love about Ryan Reaves he is a quote on quote “lion in the jungle.” 

The feud between Reaves and Wilson grew after Reaves knocked Wilson down and laughed at him on the ice pouring salt into the wounds of Tom Wilson. Later in the game, Reaves threw a cross-check to the face of Wilson sending him down to the ice which was a little scummy but hey Wilson was trying to do the same to him. However, where Reaves took it too far was when he threw the fatal blindside hit that injured Tom Wilson after Wilson moved the puck up ice putting himself in a vulnerable position. 

After the game, Reaves said, “I thought he was just looking at his pass and… ran into a lion in the jungle.” Reaves also said he didn’t think the hit deserved a suspension or game misconduct and only got ejected because Wilson got hurt. Tom Wilson has been throwing questionable hits his entire career and Reaves stood up for the NHL and took exception to it. Live by the hit sometimes you die by the hit. 

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