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Number 7 Of Jack’s Favorite NHL Scumbags: Darcy Tucker



Darcy Tucker is a legend in Toronto, and for good reason. Tucker played first-line minutes because he was almost as skilled with his stick as he was his mouth. In the 05-06 season, Tucker posted a career-high 61 points with 28 goals and 33 assists. The Toronto right-winger could play plain and simple. Remember in this neck of the woods, scumbag is a badge of honor. 

Darcy Tucker would drop the gloves with anyone and will even try to beat the breaks off you in the warmup. Ask Sean Avery. King, Don Cherry supported Tucker with this antic, saying there is no place for little guys with “no skill” in this game starting fights. Cherry was referring to Avery. Tucker had the skill and fought the best of the best, and rarely crossed the line. He was hated by opposing fans and players because he was tough as nails and could knock out your best or toughest player and place the puck in the net later that game. However, none of this makes him a scumbag. 

What gets him on this list is his brutal hit on Sami Kapanen. It was high; it was heavy and made with malicious intent. This is the NHL, and this is the playoffs; yes, the hit was high and wasn’t exactly clean, but Kapanen is an idiot for trying to play the puck with his skates with his head down. Tucker killed him for it but play with your head, down, get nailed, and look drunk going back to your bench. Tucker ordered Kapanen a shot that left him legless. Welcome to the jungle, baby! 

Darcy Tucker did not give a single fuck about the well-being of opposing players. Tucker cared about the blue, the white, and that Maple Leaf on his chest. That’s why Toronto fans love him and that why he is one of my favorites. Tucker wasn’t here to be loved; he was here to win and didn’t care the cost. He’d die for his team, and that’s how he should be remembered. You can knock him down, but you better kill him because he would always be coming back for more.

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