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Number 9 on Jack’s Favorite NHL Scumbags: Corey Perry



When it comes to being a scumbag, Corey Perry has really done it all. He’ll shoot the puck after the whistle, hit your goalie, steal your stick, squirt water in your glove while you aren’t looking, elbow, or slash you in the head, or cross-check you in the face. Perry doesn’t even give a shit if you are his former teammate, he’ll still squirt water in your glove while you aren’t looking. “The Worm” is great at getting past defenses and getting to scoring chances. He is even better at beating the fuck out of goalies.

Corey Perry is the player that 99 percent of fans say they hate, but if he’s on your team, you absolutely love him. Was Perry’s hit in the Winter Classic against Ryan Ellis too far? Absolutely! Perry was pissed about Austin Watson’s big hit on Roman Polak and decided to take a head when tensions were high. You can hear how fired up Perry was when he screamed “fuck” on his way to the box. However, this was a dirty play that serves no place in our game and adds to the scumbag reputation that Perry has earned.

Even though Corey Perry may dive all over the ice and make questionable plays at times, Perry is someone I’d go to war with because he is always gonna have my back even if he has to break some rules to do it. He hates seeing a teammate get wronged and hate to see his opponent’s breath. When he laces up his skates, he’s going to war, and he doesn’t give a fuck what you or I think. He’s ready for battle, and that’s why he’s one of my favorites because you hate that you love him or love that you hate him. Perry will get you in your feels. Also, fuck you, Ryan Kesler; you are the same player but more cowardly and not as funny; that’s why you aren’t on my list. These are MY favorite scumbags from growing up watching hockey. Haters gonna hate.


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