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Vegas Owner Says NHL Needs To Allow More Fans

The Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley says that ten percent of fan capacity is not enough. Without NHL owners being able to fill their respected arenas with fans, a lot of teams are not going to be financially stable. The Vegas owner claims that the Golden Knights are one of those teams that will not be able to make it. Foley would like to see the attendance grow to 40 or 50 percent to give the team a real chance to survive the pandemic. Foley also mentioned that he expects the NHL to play an accelerated season of 56 games with lots of back to backs which is why he opted to keep both his goalies despite their large price tags.

Foley mentions that Vegas is not the only team that might not be able to make it through next season with limited fans in attendance. A lot of the teams’ revenue comes from fans in the arena. Small market teams such as Arizona, Buffalo, Florida, and Ottawa could be in big trouble with limited attendance. On top of limited attendance, the concessions and merchandise will also take a big hit from COVID-19 limiting attendance to games. It will be in the NHL’s hands to find a safe solution to help these teams survive these trying times.

Will Lightning fans be able to see their team raise their banner in person? Will the Golden Knights and other clubs fold due to the pandemic? Let us know.

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