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What Should Each Team Go With For Their Reverse Retro Jersey? – Atlantic Division

One of the major news stories this offseason in the NHL is the news of the new reverse retro jerseys. This announcement basically says next season every team will be bringing back some type of jersey from their history, but with a twist. Some team jerseys have already been leaked, but we can still speculate on the ones that haven’t been leaked. Being the biggest jersey enthusiast here at T.O.H, I have decided to look back and see what direction each team should go in for the Atlantic Division.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins have been around for 95 years and have had their fair share of jersey changes. From their original brown base color to their patented look they wear today, they have always brought some interesting threads to the rink. If they were smart, they should go in one of two directions with their reverse retro.

They can actually listen to their fans and bring back the “Pooh Bear” jersey, or go in a simple direction and bring back a trademark look from the 60s and 70s. If they decide on the Pooh bear look, they would just simply reverse the yellow and white and it would look fire. If they decide to go old school, I would hope they take this rendition and maybe make a black home version. Possibly make the base black, the sleaves and top stripes yellow, and the middle white. Slap on the old yellow spoked B and you’ll have my vote for sure.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres are one of the few teams in the NHL that have gone through some significant branding color changes in their history. They started with royal blue and yellow, switched to black, red, and grey, went to navy blue and yellow, and now are back to being royal blue full time. With the announcement of the return to royal, that just leaves one clear option for the Sabres: the return of the angry goat

In my opinion, these jerseys are straught sex. The logo may look like an angry billy goat. but it adds more intensity to an already intimidating look. Imagine they take this look and add a royal blue and yellow twist to it? I can already see my money being spent if that happens.

Detroit Red Wings

This is tough with Detroit because they have stuck with the same look for their entire existence. With this one, I have decided to go back to the 2009 winter classic. They played the Chicago Blackhawks and decided to revise an old uniform from before their name was the Red Wings. That included a white D in the middle of a thick red stripe on a white base jersey.

During the alumni game the night before, the alumni for Detroit rocked a reverse version of that with a red base, white stripe, and red D in the middle. That jersey was never worn in a real game though, so why not bring that back for the actual team? Seems pretty solid to me. You get to honor the Detroit teams before you and remind everyone of that legendary moment in 2009 with all the Red Wing greats.

Florida Panthers

Florida hasn’t had many jerseys in their brief history, but there is one that pops out to me if they want to throw a curveball. Remember that alternate they had a couple of years ago where it was a navy blue base and a baby blue and white outline? Although it is not the most popular jersey to Panther fans, maybe a little touch up on the details can make it a hit.

They can reverse the navy and the white to make a white version of it which would look pretty cool to me. It’s possible they can look at this design and incorporate their current color scheme into it. So many possibilities with such a lackluster jersey and I like it.

Montreal Canadiens

We know where this is going. Montreal has one of the most recognizable looks in all of professional sports. They have stuck to their design for basically their entire 100+ year existence. Fans have been asking for a possible third uniform for years now and will finally get one. The classic red jersey base with white and blue stripes is iconic, so why not keep that same energy and switch the red and blue?

A blue base with red and white stripes will still capture the same energy of the classic look, but with a futuristic twist. I am not a Habs fan, but this jersey would be pretty sweet. Fans have made countless mock-ups of this jersey, so why not bring the fans what they’ve wanted?

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa just revealed their new home and away uniforms and they have glorious. Throwing it back to the early 2000s with their new look, they will need to dig deep to find another look to rock for the retro. I went back to that same era as their new uniforms and found a very unique alternate of theirs that has some high-quality design structure to it.

A more detailed Senators logo head at the crest and a black base with arrows withing a gold band on the sleeves and waist? You don’t see that anymore. Maybe incorporating a red or white version of this could be a solid addition to an already improved Sens uniform lineup. We will see.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Fresh off a Stanley Cup championship, Tampa is buzzing and you know they will want to bring the best reverse retro for the best team in hockey. Some Tampa fans want to see the return of the “storm” jersey from the early 2000s, but come on. That thing is retired for a reason. A good way to honor the early team of 2004 that won it all would be to bring back their look with a current twist.

The old look consisted of a black base with blue and white striped and a white shoulder layout. To capture the look of today’s team with that vintage feel, maybe making it a blue base with black and white stripes would be pretty solid. You could even swap the old logo with the current one with a thick, black trim to make it pop.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto has been around the NHL for over 100 years. From being named the St. Pats, the Arenas, and now the Maple Leafs, they have had their fair share of uniforms. They brought back a very flashy classic for the 2014 Winter Classic against Detroit. I personally thought that one was pretty good.

That uniform captured the history of the Leafs with their insane pattern of stripes and the unique logo structure. It may look sloppy to some people, but I for one think it looks awesome. If you give me a white version of this, I would definitely approve. It is so simple that it will work flawlessly. Trust me

There you have it. What do you think of each? Which one do you wanna see come back for each team? Let us know in the comments.

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